IP Call Centres for SME

IP PBX -Call Centre Solutions For ALL 3 reasons to choose them

We provide call centre solutions for you business to ensure that you never have to miss a call again. By switching to IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange) you’ll benefit from the combing your IT and Telephony infrastructure. Many businesses stick with costly, difficult to manage and outdated proprietary PBXs under the false impression that an upgrade to a software PBX will be expensive and a hassle to install.

IP technology of allows savings on phone bills of up to 70% and not only does Syscon IPPBX make financial sense for your business, but for productivity purposes, too. Outdated systems and equipment often take their toll on the efficiency of overall communication throughout the office leading to time wasted and tedious admin issues.

    • Easy To Use

Easy to use for your staff as the interface is through a a web browser. So anyone who knows how to use internet can manage the system.

    • Combine Chat, Email, Voicemail

All office communications including email, chat, voicemail, presence and more combined into one user-friendly interface.

    • Cut Telkom costs

They say talk is cheap until you see you Telkom Bill. We know that VOIP is cheaper.